As a veteran of roughly 10,000 guitar lessons since 1999, David is a very experienced teacher.  He has worked with students of all ages and abilities, from children in elementary school, to high school students who are planning to pursue music professionally, to retirees taking up a new hobby.   In a professional setting, he has taught at public and private school, and has taught every grade from Kindergarten to graduate school.  David has experience teaching in most styles and tailors his lessons to keep the student engaged and progressing.  He teaches both lessons in private homes as well as via Skype.  Contact him for rates.

Some of my recomendations:


“Very personable and talented in his own right, David has a gift of bringing out creativity and musical curiousity in the young student. David is a great guitar teacher who really excels at connecting with young adults and students.”

“David is a fabulous instructor who cares deeply about the progress of his students. He made a huge difference in the life of my son, who benefitted from David’s instruction for many years before being admitted into a prestigious music program at USC. David even was the recording engineer for the pre-audition CD that got my son an audition! “

“David is fantastic. He has provided guitar and bass lessons to two of our children. He does a great job and has the patience needed to teach young teenagers. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a smart, talented and capable instructor.”

“My daughter has been studying for almost a year with David Love.  David is a gifted musician and a gifted teacher.  Each lesson is almost equal parts instruction, music theory, music history and all-fun.  David is generous with his time and truly adores working with his students.  I cannot recommend him more highly.  My daughter has learned so much and treasures the time she gets to spend with David.  He inspires her and pushes her and causes her to dedication to music to grow with each session.”

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